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In order for an injured person to collect as the result of being bitten by a dog, or other animal, the injured person must be able to prove that the owner of the dog, or the person who had custody of the dog, was negligent, unless it can be shown elements of strict liability are present.

The fundamental elements of negligence are duty, breach, cause and injury. A duty may arise from a relationship between a dog owner and an injured person such as the dog owner inviting the injured person onto the dog owner's property. A breach of that duty could occur when the dog owner failed to control the dog and as the direct result of the failure of control, the injured person was bitten.

In order for an injured person to recover damages from the owner of the dog, or the person who had control of the dog, the injured person must be able to prove that the owner of the dog owed a duty to the injured person, that the dog owner breached the duty owned to the injured person, that as the result of the breach of the duty owed, the plaintiff suffered injury.

A breach of the duty can occur if the person owing the duty fails to take certain action in connection with the duty owed to the injured person called the plaintiff, such as failing to maintain the dog in a fenced yard or secured area or failing to keep the dog on a leach.

In the event that a dog owner allows a dog to stray in public, or if the dog owner had knowledge that the dog had bitten people in the past, the probable result is that the the dog owner will be held to be negligent. If the dog owner did not know that the dog had bitten a person in the past or did not allow the dog to stray, a probable result is that the dog owner will not be held to be negligent. In many cases knowledge of a prior bite can make the difference in winning or losing a case.

In Maryland, if the injured party is found to be contributorly negligent, the injured party may not recover damages.

Contributory negligence is the act or ommission of of an injured person that may have also caused or contributed to the injury. As an example, if the injured party was teasing the dog, the injured party may be found to have contributed to his or her own injures. In Maryland, when contributory negligence is present, the injured person will not be able to recover damages against the dog owner.

Injury to the to the victim is generally measured in financial terms. Courts have discretion to measure and award financial damages to compensate for any pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income and other losses. In determining whether the breach was a proximate cause of the harm, the court will typically ask if the harm would have occurred as the result the breach in question. In some instances the elements of negligence and breach can be satisfied by the circumstances regardless of other actual facts which is referred to as negligence per se. Negligence per se can occur a special law exits in place that the negligent party breaks resulting in harm to the injured person.

Even if the dog owner, or person having control over the dog was negligent, the injured party may not be able to collect or be awarded damages if the injured person was found to have commited contributory negligence. This means that that the injured party was injured, in part due to his or her own negligence.

How much is your case worth?

Once an injured person can prove that he or she is entited to damages, an issue arises how much the case is worth or what is the nature and extent of damages the inured person can recover from the negligent person or person who owned the dog.

The most frequent type of damages that can be recovered are called compensatory damages. The object of compensatory damages is to place the person being bitten by the dog in the same position that he or she was in had the bite not take place. These damages can inlcude such items as loss of wages, damages to personal property, pain and suffering, scarring or disfigurement.

Another type of damages call punitive damages are awarded to attempt to prevent the wrong doer from repeating the negligent conduct. Punitive damages are not awarded in many Maryland dog bite cases.

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