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Legal Terms Relating to Dog Bite Cases

Plaintiff - The Plaintiff is the party that instiutes a legal action and usually the party seeking damages.

Defendant - The Defendant is the party that damages, usually monetary damages are sought from.

Damages - Damages is usually the amount of money that the Plaintiff is seeking from the Defendant.

Contingent Fees - A contingent fee is a legal fee for legal services provided where the fee is only payable if there is a recovery. It is a fee charged for a lawyer’s services only if the legal action is successful or is a recovery either by way of out of court settlment or by court order.

Because many injured persons do not have the money to pay a lawyer, often a contingent fee is their only way to have access to the courts.

Many contingent fee agreements provide that the client does not pay any money unless and until there is a recovery.

In a contingent fee arrangement, the lawyer is only entited to a fee in accordance with the percentage that is agreed upon